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EA Framework Name: Institution: Introduction Enterprise architecture is the integration of business activities in an organization with information technology systems. This is done to better the operations of the organization by improving the flow of data. Data management is the most essential part of any organization and it determines whether the organization will be successful in its operations or if it will fail.


These needs depend on the complexity of the organizations operations and the amount of data traffic that they experience. The frameworks have different components, which make up their basic operations. These components include, the views, the methods and the training involved. The two most common frameworks employed are, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and the Zachman Institute for Framework Architecture (ZIFA). In this paper, the discussion will focus on TOGAF. The Open Group Architecture Framework The TOGAF is a framework that is commonly used in organizations that are developing the enterprise architecture for their internal use. This framework provides an approach to planning, designing and implementation of the enterprise architecture that is very holistic. The TOGAF is a trademark registered by the Open Group in the United States of America and in other countries of the world as well (Bernard, 2005). Its basic structure is based on the notions of modularization and standardization. The methodologies and technologies used in its design are ones that have been existing and been duly tested and proven. The framework is comprised of three main components that make up its structure. ...
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