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Technology has been a fundamental revolution in the global transformation of changes. This is in terms technologies such as phones and computers used to avert crimes and bring order in the society. Therefore, this essay is going to tackle various advantages of computer and computer technology especially in investigations (Easttom & Taylor, 2010).


Additionally, the discussion delves on the disadvantages of the same technologies in abetting crimes such as hacking and phising. There are various advantages of computers and the use of computer technology in investigations. For instance, in the determination of crimes, it is essential to conduct forensic investigations. This is to identify their authenticity in order to unearth the evidence. However, despite the numerous benefits of forensics, it also has its disadvantages. On that note, the prevention of crimes such as corporate fraud, intellectual property disputes, phising and contravention of the contract would most likely apply computer technology such as forensics to find the truth. For instance, computer technology through forensics enables the investigators to search and examine hug amount of data fast and efficiently (Moore, 2010). In other words, such technology uses search keywords stored in a hard drive found in different languages. Additionally, computer technology mitigates on cyber crimes because they occur in the internet. Alternatively, the use of forensics is making it easy to recover valuable data that was previously lost and deleted especially in a court of law. ...
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