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Airports of the Future

Decision Support Systems constitute a class of computer-based information system that includes knowledge-based systems supporting the activities of decision making. Future Traffic The condition of future traffic is questionable. It is likely to grow in a much higher rate. This is due to the fact that the domestic market is not yet saturated and the drastic increase in population and national wealth. Increase in globalization will also give more reasons to travel for long distances for personal reasons and business. The traffic has also increased steadily due to a reduction in costs due to such changes like deregulation of the economy by the airlines, lowering of the fuel prices, rise in revenue due to the introduction of yield management systems and more efficient and larger aircraft that have to engines and fewer pilots. The international components are likely to expand due in the future due to factors like growth or increase in the number of foreign visitors and improvement in the range of aircraft facilitating the long distance travel. In order to adjust to globalization, airports will have to install customs and adopt international standards of service and communication. Cargo traffic is also expected to rise due to the advancement of companies in terms of systems of distribution around electronic commerce. ...
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Airports of the Future Name of Tutor Airports of the Future Introduction Airports and aviation have developed since around the year 1950. During the World War II, air transportation has been an prominent routine activity, and it became commercial after the civilian normalcy returned and the world economies reconstructed after the end of the conflict…
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