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QS Integrated project 2013 Insert name Name of institution Name of professor Course name and code Date The current great improvement in technology in the design and construction sector has seen the designers move from the traditional methods to the modern methods of construction which brings more durability, aesthetic value and more comfort and style in the construction sector.


The modern design criteria normally depending on the use of the building is enhanced to consider factors like aesthetic value, clear spans and heights and to achieve the structural economy. Timber being one of the materials very suitable for the construction of frames, has several advantages over the counterparts like steel and concrete. Domestic construction has extensively dominated the use of timber for the construction. This has recently changed since timber is now gaining popularity for other buildings like the multi-storey and the large span single storey. It is renewable for more timber can be planted and harvested all through hence beneficial in conserving environment and also maintains the sustainability of the resource. Timber also has much lower embodied energy and carbon footprint than steel and concrete. Many methods have emerged for timber preparation for use in frame construction such as plain sawn timber or glued laminated-known as ‘’glulam’’. Despite the good strength and height ratio that timber has, the sawn timber has its natural weaknesses which include knots and growth rings. ...
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