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(I am assuming the framework that you have sent me will be adopted straight away and there is nothing from my end to be done on it. If you want me to write that as well, pl let me know. I take it you want me to write from the evaluation onwards).
1. The evaluation of the course book, English File Intermediate is done in line with the framework explained in the earlier section.


Evaluation is normally done either prior to the use of the course book in order to decide whether the book can be prescribed for a specific course. Secondly, a course book can also be evaluated while the book is in use. This will help in identifying whether the book has been satisfactory or not. While the book can also be evaluated post use to adjudge the level of usage of the book and to what extent the requirements have been satisfied by the book. Pre Evaluation is important and is also difficult while the in use and in the post evaluation methods the results are more forth coming and may be used for further usage of the book, though may be to some extent the 'damage' if any would have been done.
Based on the framework suggested by Cunningsworth (1995), the guide line one will address the aims and objectives of the course work. The Aims and Objectives of the course work are normally set and that would decide on the kind of course book that one might use for the course. Course books better be servants than masters, says Cunningsworth. ...
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