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SITE LAYOUT ON A CONFINED SITE In the field of construction, it is rare that initial expectations survive the reality of the project. Planning is necessary, but in addition to the pure requirements of architecture, it is also essential to plan for the unplanned.


The problem comes in the implementation. It is less often technical difficulties that delay a project, the project manager must know his business, and hire crews that understand the mechanics of their individual specialties. The problem often arises in the organization. In many cases, it is managerial issues that trigger challenges at the construction site more than some sort of technical failure. If management is the problem, then a novel strategy becomes the most probable solution. There are a wide range of problems and challenges that can afflict the construction site; these issues - in addition to hands-on management strategies to alleviate them will be discussed at length. The problems include variations on managerial and logistical issues concerning cost overruns, scheduling delays, with the potential to compound each other. This article will develop the hypothesis that the major problems at the construction site represent failures of planning. Where planning is insufficient, there are a series of likely problems afflicting the job site that will be explored in greater detail. In some cases, construction equipment or building material may be misappropriated or moved to incorrect or undocumented locations. In some cases, allocation errors may lead to the correct material or equipment slated for locations with insufficient space. ...
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