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America: Tracing the Progress of Women Introduction Women in today’s world are considered a very important part of the society. They are not only responsible for bringing up a healthy family but also considered important contributors of the economy of any country.


There are lot of issues and challenges being faced by women in the United States in terms of legal system, as well as in corporate lives. Women are encouraged to be of open mentality and they are given independence in choosing their priorities of life. However, gender discrimination still prevails at job because of the perception of society that women are more family oriented and they cannot work competitively. Even at workplace, there needs to be a realization of the fact that male and female employees need different leadership styles. Same leadership approach cannot work for both genders. Managers need to know about the gender differences and their different psychology, as well as communication style differences. Legal System Female attorneys are not given that much credibility as male attorneys. Although they appear to be very supportive for women, there back office environment in office is still stereotypical where a woman is considered nonprofessional and non-serious in terms of job. Although there is heavy induction of women in law colleges, their percentage as lawyers nationwide is low. Those who are lawyers possess low chances of advancement in their career (Dill 1). Legal system has an objective to spread and promote justice in the society but itself cannot maintain a fairness and stereotypes women. ...
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