: People and Organisation Management in the Built Environment

: People and Organisation Management in the Built Environment Assignment example
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Reconciling and harmonising cultural conflict BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Reconciling and harmonising cultural conflict Introduction When diverse individuals hailing from different cultures must work together in the organisation, conflict is virtually an inevitable outcome.


In the role of manager or leader, it is necessary to reconcile such differences and establish a more cohesive and harmonised team ideology to achieve strategic, financial, efficiency or productivity goals. Not all conflict, of course, occurs between team members, but can also occur as a result of leadership and subordinate interactions. There are those in the organisation that will value a more aggressive and decisive leader whilst others want a more sensitive and compassionate leader to direct their activities. If the leader is not aware of their absolute importance in creating an environment where individuals are motivated and committed to following the leader, it is likely no conflict management strategy is going to be successful over the long-term. Reconciling and harmonising conflicts created by disparate cultural characteristics cannot occur within a proverbial vacuum, but requires direct strategy development and interaction by the leader to be successful. ...
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