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Essay example - Should America as a country promote the use of a single language

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As there is a probable vast quantity of stocks of the different American languages which are spoken without admitting that imperfect as is our knowledge of the tongues spoken in America, America should arrange and promote different languages of the new world as the language serves as the radical to which the people may be palpably traced, and doing the same by those of the red men of Asia, there will be found probably twenty in America, for one in Asia, of those radical languages, so called because if they were ever the same they have lost all resemblance to one another…

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We can think of America as a colorful bride having colors and feelings of internal emotions, internal true love and adorance as America is a dreamland of all the cultures presenting multiple linguistics.
It is rather to be found in the extent of the power of a language that power is lies in the numbers of speakers, which is directly bound to the power of the literary language by which means a language is able to extend its influence over large territories and to get more speakers, in ever-widening circles, until, of course, the language becomes a world language.
The use of multiple languages should be promoted in American society because there is a need for the society to think about those criteria in which people from all over the world along with different colors of racial and cultural freedom bring with them their feelings to be communicated in their own language so that they think of America a ...
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