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Critical Analysis of ‘The Love of My Life’ by Cheryl Strayed

This essay has also considered the text’s implementation of a parallel narrative structure. The essay argues that Strayed implements this narrative structure as a means of giving the reader an increased visceral experience of the process of personal development and overcoming grief. Cheryl Strayed is a late 20th century writer who first gained great esteem for her Torch. She is also a prominent essayist, with her work being featured in a number of publications. One of her notable short works is ‘The Love of My Life’. This essay examines Strayed’s complex relationship with her mother. In addition the to meditations of this relationship, the text is notable for the variety of literary and rhetorical tools it implements in establishing the various contextual elements. This essay examines Strayed’s text for a variety of structural elements; specifically, it considers the work’s use of intention, characterization, plot and details. ...
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This essay has examined a variety of literary and rhetorical elements related to Cheryl Strayed’s essay ‘The Love of My Life’. This essay has examined the specific rhetorical tool of sensationalism that is implemented in startling the reader to consider the text’s underlining themes of self-development and grief. …
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