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''Write a response to Ames in which you either agree or disagree,in whole or in part, with his argument.Cite specific areas of his that you find of particular interest.Support your response with as much factual evidence as you can find - Essay Example

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As the author R. A. Ames (295-299) has argued, weight problems are not because of the unhealthy, salty, oily menus on fast food which offer thousands of…
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''Write a response to Ames in which you either agree or disagree,in whole or in part, with his argument.Cite specific areas of his that you find of particular interest.Support your response with as much factual evidence as you can find

People get fat because of not being responsible for their own decisions. The blame should not be put on the fast foods but should be placed on the individuals.
The entire portion of the article is dedicated on discussing Ames’s points of view regarding fast food and weight concerns. As stated, about two-thirds of American population is noted to be overweight (297). This is a very large number, indeed. But despite this huge recorded number, I definitely agree with that claim for this is supported by Flegal, Carroll, Odgen and Johnson (1723-1727). For them, the overweight in all sectors of American population remains to increase. Unfortunately, like just what Ames has pointed out in the article, majority of the Americans consider the fast food chains for being liable on why the population has become affected by more body fats or even making them obese. There are even two teenagers that have come up to a moment where they accuse McDonalds for the excessive fats deposits in their body. And certainly, as showed in the essay, it is one faulty accusation made by these people. As R.A. Ames (279) has expressed, people live in this free land in which individuals are not coerced to decide but everything is up to their own preferences. However, the author also has claimed that this freedom has to be accountable for whatever choices they make as well as whatever the outcome of that decision is. Freedom does not mean people have to put the blame on others when the outcomes of the decisions people make are something not expected and something not liked. For me, my stand is harmonious with Ames. I greatly tend to agree with that statement for the reason that people are what they eat. People are free individuals who are free to make their own choices. All the options can be seen right before people’s eyes but what they consider to do is always up to themselves like what they prefer, what they want to buy, and most especially what they want ... Read More
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(“''Write a response to Ames in which you either agree or disagree,in Essay”, n.d.)
Retrieved from https://studentshare.net/english/472635-write-a-response-to-ames-in-which-you-either-agree-or-disagreein-whole-or-in-part-with-his-argumentcite-specific-areas-of-his-essay-that-you-find-of-particular-interestsupport-your-response-with-as-much-factual-evidence-as-you-can-find
(''Write a Response to Ames in Which You Either Agree or Disagree,in Essay)
“''Write a Response to Ames in Which You Either Agree or Disagree,in Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/english/472635-write-a-response-to-ames-in-which-you-either-agree-or-disagreein-whole-or-in-part-with-his-argumentcite-specific-areas-of-his-essay-that-you-find-of-particular-interestsupport-your-response-with-as-much-factual-evidence-as-you-can-find.
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