Write a critique about "Cinderella" A story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Confilcts By Bruno Bettelheim - Assignment Example

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Write a critique about "Cinderella" A story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Confilcts By Bruno Bettelheim

This is created from the conscious part of our brains. According to Hentz (2002) the unconscious part of our brains has the ability to dig deeper into the story and relate to another interpretation. This is the same in a child’s brain where is it possible for a child to create both conscious and unconscious interpretation of a story.
The Cinderella story helps children relate with their difficulties in life. In the essay Bruno Bettelheim goes deeper trying to explain how sibling rivalry and the oedipal stage in children contribute to their difficulties in life. The author argues that children relate greatly to the Cinderella story when they are faced with the difficulty of sibling rivalry. They tend to hope that they will get something great from the tribulations just as Cinderella did. While at the oedipal stage children do not have the ability to differentiate different emotions. They cannot differentiate between anger, guilt, jealousy, parental criticism, worthlessness and rejection (Hentz, 2002). However, with fairy tales like the Cinderella children can very appropriately relate to their emotions. The fairy tales provides children with an outlet for their thoughts. And it is for this reason that parents and teachers try to relate life to children by using and applying fairy tales in the real life. Just like the Cinderella story children cannot wait for their freedom from their parents. They yearn for the day that they will be independent from their parents.
The essay by Bettelheim has points which I liked and other worthy of criticism. The author downplayed the original purpose of a fairy tale. When reading a fairy tale, the whole idea is entertainment (Hentz, 2002). Fairy tales as the most beautiful stories a child can relate to without relating them to their difficulties in life. The author takes beauty from them as he argues that children should find more than ...
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A Freudian psychologist, Bettelheim believes that story books with fairy tales have deeper and hidden meanings apart from the happy endings experienced in all of them. Bruno Bettelheim explains this notion in his essay “Cinderella”- A story of sibling rivalry and oedipal…
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