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Position Paper

n order to determine a specific answer to a given question, a few seconds in front of a computer screen, a few brief keystrokes, and millions of results are available to the user via such search engines as Google. However, there are those within society that are of the belief that the newfound reliance upon this quick and convenient tool has caused society as a whole to calm lazy and, to put it bluntly, stupid. However, the opposing viewpoint to this is that Google represents merely another means by which individuals within society can readily place their hands on a wealth of information; thereby not making them stupid, but in fact making them smarter as they are now able to integrate with a further level of knowledge that was never before possible. Although it is true that this knowledge is oftentimes not saved indefinitely within the human memory, the mere fact that the individual is able to integrate with such a massive amount of data necessarily demands such an outcome. Two particular authors that have written upon these issues are those of Nicholas Carr and Carl Zimmer. After a careful analysis of the positions and evidence put forward by these respective authors, it is the understanding of this particular analyst that reliance independence upon such search engines and readily available information, as is provided by Google, does not in fact make society more stupid; rather, it merely provides yet another tool by which information can be shared and the global consciousness can be elevated.
The reasons for such an approach are as follows: readily available information provides more individuals with access to knowledge, ease of acquisition has not been proven to increase the overall level of “stupidity” within society, the mere existence of a tool in and of itself cannot and should not be understood to promote laziness, and the human mind naturally forgets it must be referred – Google, and search engines like it, merely provide a means by which such a ...
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A fact that is currently without argument is that technology has drastically impacted upon the way in which society integrates with one another and the way individual members of the society understand the world in which they live. Perhaps more so than any other single…
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