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Though their disillusion with the government hugely influences their active participation into the voting process they are not totally disinterested as shown in 2012 election where two-third had backed Obama!
It is not as though the young people do not take part in the political activities or have strong opinion about burning social issues. They support gay marriage, want to legalize abortion and of course, want the drinking age to be lowered. Even though the authenticity of the chart is not established, the information does give insight into the general interests of the young people. Their concern can be accurately gauged from survey result that stress that youngsters are of the view that 57% want smaller government, fewer services and lower tax. At the same time, 66% think government runs programs which are inefficient and wasteful! So when students and the young people reel under the burden of student loan with little employment opportunities, their dislike for the politics is ...
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It is able to respond to them to a great extent by citing different research outcome. The argument is justified by hard statistics and asserts that their non-participation…
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