Imagine yourself in a different century and describe an average day in your life - Assignment Example

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Imagine yourself in a different century and describe an average day in your life

The handle can know how much force is required to lift an object. This was fascinating! As time moved by, the lab became my new home; I loved every independent project there. How I wish I could get access to such stuffs often.
No single day passes without me passing by the game park, to watch the remaining species of birds and enjoy the relaxing sound of the three waterfalls. Can there be robotic birds, waterfalls, and trees? I bet not. And maybe never! While appreciating technological prowess, I have developed compassion with nature! I want to protect it because most robotic machines rely on command language. They can end up destroying naturally existing creatures. This must have been a good observation for today I guess! Who really thinks in such a direction?
As I head home in the evening, I pass by the vendor machine to pick a cold drink! I sit quietly on a bench nearby to enjoy my drink. Do I love children again? How I wish I could join them in riding their robotic toy vehicles! Unfortunately I cannot because I am past that age! My eyes are left to admire and enjoy their ...
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Today marked my first experiment at the Berkeley Robotics & Human Engineering Laboratory. Robots are have replaced human activities in factories, offices, battle fields, rescue mission, and is a source of entertainment. Technology seems to have…
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