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Elisa Allen is the girl upon which the story unveils upon. She is an awesome gardener and the wife to the rancher. However, we learn that she doesn’t enjoy her day-to-day life as a gardener. This is exemplified when tinker approached her. This made her life to significantly change. The change may be forever. The author has used her to play a role in showing difference between the modern woman and the repressed woman. The other character is one that we can actually have little sorry for. Henry Allen is the husband to Elisa. He is a well-meaning rancher who is down righted and bewildered by her wife Elisa. The ‘intrigue’ is our third character who is referred by many as the tinker. Throughout the story, we do not actually know the real name of this character.
The story is developed in the third person point of view. In the fourth paragraph, the camera obsessively zooms on Elisa. We are veered into a different place where we assume that we are now dealing with the narrator whoa at time establishes in Elisa’s minds. The point of view helps us to get the tone. Tone can be described as snob and callous.
The story starts with us been introduced to protagonist, Elisa. She is depicted as the beauty that survives in the blooms. The conflict is as well entailed in the story, and complication. Elisa speaks to the stranger and gives him chrysanthemums. The story relies on the theme of love and betrayal. The women role in the gardens as well as the responsibilities they are ...
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We are told also, that her husband is present discussing business with some other men at a stone throw distance under the tractor’s shade. The author John Steinbeck develops the story theme of…
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