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The Approaches to Environmental Ethics - Essay Example

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Environmental Studies
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The rise of deep ecology gave rise to the philosophical and religious principles that completely undermined traditional ways of understanding the human environment relationship, or what deep ecologists frequently referred to as the “dominant paradigm” of Western thought in regard to nature. …

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The Approaches to Environmental Ethics

As it tackles the natural environment, deep ecology concerns itself with all organisms – both plants and animals – within the biosphere and promotes equality, particularly in regard to the right to live of all organisms as a fundamental value. The deep ecology approaches to environmental ethics include “self realization,” “biocentrism” or “anti-anthropocentrism” as these ecologists espouse democracy in the biosphere among all organisms within (Devall etc 1995, p67).
Self-realization beyond the concept of the modern Western self or for a narrow sense of individual salvation and that it supposedly has further maturity as it goes further than the egocentric cultural assumptions, values and conventional wisdom in its treatment of the environment (Devall etc 1995, p67). The main argument of the biocentric approach, meanwhile, is that “all things in the biosphere have an equal right to live and blossom and to reach their own individual forms of unfolding and self-realization within the larger Self-realization” (Devall etc 1995, p67). ...
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