How can I start using StudentShare?

StudentShare is a large online database which is yet extremely easy to navigate. All you need to start using our resource is to sign up, create an account and browse Categories page. There you can choose among various subjects, types of tasks and topics.

How can I use StudentShare?

Our service is useful for those who lack inspiration or/and ideas to write their own papers. You can use our samples as a guide to writing your own works. Feel free to learn the structure, format and use references list from our drafts. Mind though that copying the content without a proper reference would be considered as plagiarism.

How does StudentShare differ from writing services?

First and foremost, StudentShare isn’t a writing site, which means we do not write custom papers. At StudentShare, we only store paper samples created by students and make them available for review.

Can I find any paper topic here?

Currently, there are close to 1,000,000 paper samples available for review. Chances are you will find the paper topic you need or the one closely related to it.

Do I have free access to all samples?

No. Usually, a full access to paper samples on rare and intricate topics is paid. Less complicated samples you can review for free.

How can I be sure that all papers are of a good quality?

StudentShare is very strict about quality of samples that we have in our database. Thus, no draft gets available for review until it goes through grammar check and plagiarism scanning. We guarantee quality and originality of every paper stored in our online archive.

What is Wishlist and what for do I need it?

Wishlist is a list of samples you would like to review later. Pay for access to full collection of samples, find needed paper, and simply add it to the Wishlist. Back to your Wishlist on your personal account at any time.

Can I submit or copy the sample I review?

It is forbidden. Doing so would be a violation of the copyright, which belongs to StudentShare.net. You can use our samples for research purposes only.

How can I contact you?

We are available 24/7 via chat, email or phone. Call us +15183802410 or send an email to support@studentshare.net. Find the chat window at the bottom right corner of our homepage.