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Finance & Accounting
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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Finance and Accounting Accounting is one of the major fields that necessitate the proper running of the business. The facilitation of the accounting techniques and financial information necessitates the efficiency in running a business.


It also serves as a tool of the eventual decision making in the business setting. Proper accounting portrays the ultimate financial position of the business. The accounting field provides an interrelationship with other departments in any organization. It tends to unify all the fields in any organization. All departments must spend through the consumption of the business resources. Accounting provides the platform of unifying all the expenditure and comparing it with the revenues that the business enjoy. Every department or discipline has a mandate of ensuring proper utilization to minimize the expenditure and maximize the returns. The evaluation of such disciplines is a tremendous initiative in determining the financial position of different disciplines. Examples of disciplines that require the knowledge of accounting to run them include; the human resource, ICT, marketing, and other disciplines. The information obtained from various fields in a business culminates into the final report that is portrayed in the books of accounts. Amber Herrmann Amber Herrmann is a former graduate of CFCUSM. She started her course in accounting and passed the first accounting course. She later took a business course in human resource management. She graduated as an accountant, but later switched to human resources. ...
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