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The details mentioned in the data require that the long run rate of return must be calculated using the formula of present value of dividend using Dividend Discount Model. . PV GROWING PERPETUITY (DIVIDEND DISCOUNT MODEL) Data: Present Value of Share PV O USD.150 Dividend for the First Year D1 USD. 7 Growth g 0.04 Rate of return r ? FORMULA REARRANGED In the above provided case since the value of price was already provided, the formula for such payments has been manipulated and rate of return has been evaluated. The formula for DDM for the current price of shares is rearranged for the calculation of rate of the return. Applying this arrangement, the long term rate of return for the company is as follows: r 0.086667 r 8.67% Hence, the expected long run rate of return is 8.67%.This refers that when company is paying 60 percent of the earning as dividend to shareholders and investors are pricing the share at USD.150, the required rate of return in the long terms is 6.67%. This percentage assumes that price is based on incorporating all information about the company. The formula can be summarized as the ratio of the cash flows of dividends received in the future periods by the net difference of the discount rate and the growth rate. This formula is developed on the concept that current price of stocks are a series of payments which grows as dividend perpetually at a constant rate. . ...
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ELGAR GREEN, INC. PART A Elgar Green, Inc. is a business operating in the Burwood’s area. It converts the green waste into fertilizers. This business is not very profitable so the state is providing subsidy to the Burwood City Commission. The state requires Elgar Green to generate yield on equity of 12%…
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