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Developing Financial Practice Summary The issue related to student plagiarism have always been an area of concern in the higher level teaching centres since past. The increase in availability of all facts, figures and data in internet have increased the disquiet of plagiarism (Guo, 2011).


But in order to become professional accountants or future business leaders, it is very important for the academic students to maintain the ethics and codes of conduct. Several researchers have made researches in order to find out the impact of ethics standards on the accounting students. It has been found that the ethics and standards could not change the overall moral capability of these students to a great extent. It is an important factor associated with the ethical codes and standards set for the accounting students. It has also been stated that the lack of awareness of the term ‘plagiarism’ is another serious educational misconduct, which additionally contributes to student plagiarism. The third factor was related to excessive pressure, which influences the students in conducting plagiarism. However, research on this ground suggested that students who are above 25 years of age have less pressure as compared to the younger ones. It has been recommended that the educators must have a supportive approach for motivating the students in acting consistently throughout their academic life. Critique The purpose of the paper is to critically analyze the reason behind conducting plagiarism. The paper has developed several hypothesis based on the factors associated with plagiarism and done research on such hypothesis. ...
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