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Studying in the UK Introduction Throughout history, people have often been motivated to decide and choose based on their expectation of various benefits and outcomes. In fact, before any effort is made, a person often considers the probability of that effort yielding the desired or expected outcome.


Applying the above theory to this coursework discourse, we can also assert that students have an expectation of what studying in the UK institutions should offer them. On the issue of studying in the United Kingdom, this present coursework mainly intends to investigate the extent to which students have become aware of financial issues that are faced with students who are joining universities. Therefore, the coursework will give information and advice on what first year undergraduate should expect to spend their money on when they arrive at the university and a rough estimate of these costs. Additionally, the coursework will highlight on the sources of finance that are available to students. Students’ expenditure budget According to Davey (2008), students learning at UK institutions are faced with a budget as they are supposed to cater for their needs and cover their own expenses, this more in particular for students are boarding at their learning institutions. Therefore, for first year undergraduate students the first thing that they should learn is financial management and proper budgeting in order to go through the entire term without financial hurdles and be able to fully concentrate on their studies. ...
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