Analyse the corporate governance statement of NewsCorp

Analyse the corporate governance statement of NewsCorp Essay example
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Name Course Instructor Date Corporate governance statement of News Corporation (NewsCorp) Introduction The News Corporation traces its roots in 1979, with Rupert Murdoch as the founder (Marjoribanks 7). Mallin & Tricker argue that by 2010 the company had its profits to over $2.5 billion and its employees had hit the 50,000 mark (1).


With the help of the board which ought not have less than three members, it is expected that the director of the company hold office for only a year (NewsCorp 1). The director also needs to be elected through a majority vote and must enjoy their independence. Under the guideline of the corporate governance, NewsCorp indicates that board meetings are mandatory and reviews of the previous meetings must be done at all times (1). Executive sessions of the non-executive members of the board must also be held without the interference of the board members. Through the board meetings and headship, NewsCorp indicates that it becomes easy for the company to run its affairs (1). The board leader also feels free to manage the affairs of the company as an independent person; thus, effectual consultations and communication with the concerned stakeholders. It is also recommended that the members be keen whilst selecting their leader as leadership determines the kind of performance from the company. Additionally, the board is charged with the responsibility of coming up with various committees to assist the running of the company’s affairs. The committees include the Audit, the Nominating and Corporate Governance; and the Compensation Committees (NewsCorp 1). ...
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