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Ratios Analysis of ASOS Company Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Executive Summary ASOS is a global fashion Company that deals with 20-somethings. The company specializes in selling more than sixty five thousand products. In addition, ASOS provides an avenue where people exchange ideas and carry out business.


In addition, the company performance was higher in reference to industrial average figures. Whereby, the key performance indicators such as; number of visitors, basket value and gross profit margin were put forth. On the contrary, a valuation of the uses of KPIs in assessing organization performance was discussed. The advantages and limitation of using financial ratios as a technique of assessing company performance were also discussed. 1. Comparison of Latest year results with previous year results; Below are the financial statements of ASOS Company for the last year two fiscal years that ended on 31st August 2012 and 31st August 2012. Therefore, based on the consolidated income statement it can be scrutinized that the revenues for 2013 were substantially higher as compared to those of 2012.In addition, the profits before and after tax was higher in 2013 than in 2012. On the other hands, the comprehensive income statement indicates that the total assets and total equity for the financial year 2013 was higher than in 2012. For example, the total equity in 2013 was $159,799,000 while in 2013 it stood at $105,987,000 a difference of $53,812,000. ...
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