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Campaign Finance - Essay Example


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Campaign Finance

The non-governmental organizations take the initiative of guiding citizens on how to come up with the best candidates. They do so by acting in their full capacity to perform the voter guidance or fund other non-governmental organizations to do the project. The law institute the organization to be persons just like human beings. This is supported by various facts. The corporations have perpetual existence in that members join and leave at their own will but the organizations continue to exist. The corporations are distinct from the people who fund them, that is, their shareholders. The members are not fully liable to them. In addition, the corporations have the ability to sue and be sued. The statutory law provides the procedure and required documents needed to declare ‘incorporation’ of the organizations. Therefore, corporations have separate legal personality just like any other person. The law terms corporations as ‘legal persons’. For that reasons it would be wrong to set restrictions on speech and funding of these organizations. It originates from the Federal Campaign of 1971 to the Bipartisan Campaign Reform act of 2002. The legislations limit unions and corporations from using their resources to fund electioneering projects. In 2004, the Citizen United filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission, that the Michael Moore film was a political documentary that was not to be aired during exceptional times. However, the Citizen United never won. In 2008, the United States District

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Regulation of Interest Groups by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was established in 2002 as an amendment to the Federal Election Campaign Ac that had since 1971 been applied in regulating the entire election process in the United States.Although this act borrowed a lot from its predecessor,it had new laws to regulate the election campaign trends in an effort to create a fair platform for all campaigners.
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Campaign Finance
The First Amendment did extend free speech rights to the citizens. However, the framers of the Constitution were simply not aware as to what extent the ramifications of the First Amendment will be interpreted in the future to extend free speech rights to the institutions like corporations.
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Tom DeLay indictment
The problem is that corporations and unions, according to the law of Texas, have no right to finance legislative compaigns. October 3, it was the second time for Mr. DeLay to be indicted in criminal conspiracy and money laundering in less than a week (DeLay Calls New Indictment, 2005).
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Campaign Finance Essay
And here is why: Campaign Finance comes through many different avenues, from single-person donations to contributions from big and small corporations and political special-interest groups. These days it's impossible to run for any position without money for travel, ads, and "get-out-the-vote" campaigns.
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Assesment paper
In a nutshell the scenario could be summed up by quoting a statement of a prominent American politician, who once declared1 that "money is the mother's milk of politics." Political leaders are required to make laws for governing the state, keeping the interests of the common people in mind.
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Current to American Policits
Indeed, the outcomes of elections are largely shaped by the amount of money each of the candidates was able to raise. Numerous journalists, political scientists and government scholars have written on this issue. Feldman (1999) argues that presidential campaigns have been reduced to media campaigns wherein the candidate with the most money can launch the more effective and intensive media blitz and win the elections.
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Campaign finance
Bush in the 2000 presidential election.Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on January 30, 1941, the son of Marjorie and Richard H. Cheney. He was raised in Casper, Wyoming, where the elder Cheney worked as a soil conservationist for the Department of Agriculture.
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Campaign Reform
This was a large factor in the 2000 elections, with soft money donations at their all time high. In 2002, the Bipartisan Campaign
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Campaign Finance Reforms
The United States of America has a political system in which the political contestants finance their political campaigns with their money and the money that is contributed or collected by their supporters. Campaign finance reforms have always been an aspect of the American democracy that has generated the much public reaction.
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Campaign Finance Reform
Some argue that those with the means of supporting their campaign trails have perpetuated the current system, hence the need to look for different ways of maintaining the high profile campaigns systems.
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Court for the District of Columbia that airing of ‘Hillary: The Movie’ on DIRECTV was a violation of the BCRA restrictions on elections. The case was known as Citizen United v. Federal Election Commission. The court swept away limits on election advocacy by the concerned organizations. This was an overruling of Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce of 1990. However, the corporations have to make public disclosure of their financial statements just like any other corporate personality. In the Big Sky, Big Money movie, Kai Ryssdal explains that the funding by corporations have to pass through an independent group before giving to the identified candidate. I support the court ruling by upholding the doctrine of ‘corporate personality’ of organizations. Persons have freedom of speech as per the rights of the citizen acts. Corporation, unions and other concerned non-governmental organizations as well have no reason being denied the right to give their opinion as far as American politics is concerned (Supreme Court 2010). They have the right just like any other person to support the candidate of their choice. However, they were denied the opportunity to show direct identity to politic. Restricting corporations from active participation in politics seemed to be a plot to deny the nation a free will. In the Big Sky, Big money, Rodell Mollinau, the president of American Bridge explains to Kai Ryssdal how the super-PAC works. This group specializes in opposition research. Mollineau explains that there are 19 trackers in the field following Republican candidates ( Big Money2012). The look for inconsistency of the specific candidates and make a sound decision on how to use the information to assist the public. The trackers look for the following facts form politicians; the political history of the candidate, the votes they have taken, the business dealings they undertake, their


Name: Instructor Task: Date: Influence of money in politics Corporations play a vital role in the U.S politics. The controversial issues were whether to regulate their spending or not and regulation of their speech. Corporations work hand in hand with the media to act as the mirror of the society…
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Campaign Finance essay example
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