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Name: Instructor Task: Date: Influence of money in politics Corporations play a vital role in the U.S politics. The controversial issues were whether to regulate their spending or not and regulation of their speech. Corporations work hand in hand with the media to act as the mirror of the society.


The non-governmental organizations take the initiative of guiding citizens on how to come up with the best candidates. They do so by acting in their full capacity to perform the voter guidance or fund other non-governmental organizations to do the project. The law institute the organization to be persons just like human beings. This is supported by various facts. The corporations have perpetual existence in that members join and leave at their own will but the organizations continue to exist. The corporations are distinct from the people who fund them, that is, their shareholders. The members are not fully liable to them. In addition, the corporations have the ability to sue and be sued. The statutory law provides the procedure and required documents needed to declare ‘incorporation’ of the organizations. Therefore, corporations have separate legal personality just like any other person. The law terms corporations as ‘legal persons’. For that reasons it would be wrong to set restrictions on speech and funding of these organizations. It originates from the Federal Campaign of 1971 to the Bipartisan Campaign Reform act of 2002. The legislations limit unions and corporations from using their resources to fund electioneering projects. ...
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