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Apple Inc: Financial Research Report Introduction Apple Inc. is a manufacturer of personal computers and communication devices. Its product profile include iPhone, iPod, iPad, a multi-purpose mobile device; desktop. The software products include iOS and OS X operating system.


The stock’s high – low prices in 52 week range are 385.10 - 575.14 as on 6 December 2013 with closing price at 559.99 (Yahoo! Finance, 2013a). Being a diversified company, there are several competitors to Apple in various product ranges. In smart phones Samsung can be considered as a major competitor. Amazon and Microsoft are its competitors for iPad. Google is a tough competitor in many ways. Android smart phone of Motorola, a Google’s subsidiary competes with iPhone. Cloud service Google Drive can be considered as competition to Apple’s iCloud.   Rationale for investment The important factor influencing the decision to invest in Apple Inc. is its position in market vis-a-vis with its competitors. Gryta (2013) observes “Apple and Samsung devices hold their values reasonably well. BlackBerry and Nokia not so much… Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are more developed with applications than the more recent operating systems from BlackBerry and Microsoft.” Apple’s ability to charge premium prices for its products in the market indicates its superior technology and brand loyalty. Therefore, stability of the operations in terms of sales and profitability in the future is assured, considering the growth prospects of consumer electronic goods and the development of new markets. ...
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