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Fair accounting treatment refers to the fulfillment of all legal obligations that are imposed by the government.It is the responsibility of all the organizations to strictly follow the guidelines


The justification of the company’s fair role has a clear reflection in the management of its accounting. This report is conducted to analyze the impact of organizational fairness in accounting activities on the performance of company managers along with the impact on managers perception in return of fair treatment of the organization. Another important purpose for writing this paper is to analyze the importance of conducting experimental research in the management accounting. Good managers are considered as assets for the organization. It is very important for the organizations to contain managers with positive attitude for the organizational activities regarding the fairness and legal obligations. The role of accountant is very critical in the organization because the accountant knows all about the cash flows and the overall money management of the company. All the managers have knowledge regarding the fairness of company’s operations and activities. It is believed that fair compensation system can improve the performance of the employees in the organization. The fair compensation system is a part of fair management accounting system in the company. This research paper will justify the importance of fair treatment of organization in improving the productivity of the organization. ...
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