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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Subject: 01 December 2013 Finance Project: Marriott International Inc Introduction: Marriott International Inc is a leader in the hospitality industry with about “3,400” units of operation in “68 countries and territories” across the world (About Marriott Internal par.1).


The excellent services offered by the hotel as well as its unique system that provides traveller’s with not just a place to stay, but whole new opportunities to experience the cities is what enables MAR to invoke such an increased level of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the constant innovation in its service as well as its significant competitive advantage over other companies, make the company the first preference for owners as well as franchises. Main Operations: Marriott International Inc (MAR) includes prominent ventures such as “Marriott, Courtyard, Residence Inn, Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance,” as well as “nine other” brands (Silva). Each of the company’s brands are “individually distinctive,” but at the same time, as a whole, these brands are what make the organization “collectively powerful” (Marriott Hotel: Brands). The management of MAR ensures that each of the unit under various brands provides exceptional quality service that cater to the demands of the customers. ...
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