Applications in Corporate Finance (Buidalot from a corporate finance perspective)

Applications in Corporate Finance (Buidalot from a corporate finance perspective) Essay example
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Applications in Corporate Finance Table of Content Introduction 4 Background of the company 4 Situation analysis (SWOT) 5 Basically, SWOT stands for strengths (S), weaknesses (W) while on the other hand the external environmental factors are regarded as either opportunities or threats.


The company lacks cohesion in terms of pulling the efforts of different subsidiaries together and this is the main reason why it is performing poorly. Therefore, there are certain issues that should be taken into account by Buildalot in order to improve its operations as going to be shown in the recommendations section of the report. 6 Market economy 6 Market competition 6 Equity capital structure of the company 7 PEST analysis 7 Major construction projects 8 Office building construction 9 House building construction 10 Business operational issues 11 Mayo project issues 12 Corporate social responsibilities 13 Financial statement analysis 13 Trend analysis 13 Ratio analysis 14 Recommendations 16 Referencing 18 Bibliography 20 Introduction This report deals with business analysis of Buidalot from a corporate finance perspective. This is an Ireland based Construction Company and it has been experiencing cash flow difficulties due primarily to the slow selling of houses and offices in the Mayo development project. This study will assess the major issues affecting different sectors of business in this construction company. ...
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