A contextualised analysis of MORRISON (WM) SUPERMARKETS PLC

A contextualised analysis of MORRISON (WM) SUPERMARKETS PLC Coursework example
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he food retailing market in the United Kingdom is very competitive. Food retailers have expanded their business activities in many ways. The total grocery market has grown from £93.3 billion in 1998 to £146.3 billion in 2008.


In the United Kingdom there are a total of 92,796 grocery stores which are broadly classified into the following four categories namely Convenience stores, Traditional retail, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Superstore and Online Channel. Among these, hypermarkets, supermarkets and superstores are the largest in the UK (Li, 2008). Morrison WM Supermarkets PLC, a publicly traded company, is a supermarket chain which offers a wide range of goods including branded ones and its own labelled products. They are the fourth largest food retailer in the United Kingdom by sales with 439 stores across Britain and an annual turnover of £16 billion. The main speciality of this chain of supermarkets is its high quality fresh food at great prices. Morrison WM Supermarkets PLC was founded in 1899 by William Morrison. The company has developed from a single egg and butter stall in Bradford and has turned into one of the best food retailers in the United Kingdom. Starting from a small stall in Bradford in 1899, a new produce depot was opened in 1976. The company took over Whelan Discount Stores and started operating in Lancashire for the first time in 1978. The first Morrisons distribution centre was opened in 1988 followed by the opening of second distribution centre in 1997. ...
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