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The opportunities and the threats of the FJE Limited

The objectives of this project are:-
• To analyze the strength of the company.
• To assess the weakness of the company.
• To identify the opportunities and the threats of the company.
• To identify the various sources of fund and probable funds of the company.
• To assess the cash requirement of the company.
• To analyze the various options of investment available to the company in exploration.
• To identify the financial viability of each of the exploration option.
SWOT analysis is a strategic tool which is used to analyze, understand and decide on the various situations which can arise in the business during its course of operations. The full form of SWOT is strength, weakness, opportunities and threats . The SWOT analyses of the FGE Company have been done to assess the risks and also the competitive advantage of the company and the business in which it is operating.
Strength: The main strength of FJE is the sector in which it is operating. Uranium is used to produce electricity from nuclear power. Uranium itself has a very big market globally. In 2008 Australia exported more than AUD 800 million dollars of uranium to the rest of the world. The royalties achieved from Australian uranium mines is about AUD 21 million dollars per year. From Australia only about 10707 tons of uranium has been exported to the rest of the world in 2008. ...
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The main aim of this project is to analyze the strength, weakness, threats and opportunities of the company as whole. The mission of the project is to analyze and to identify the cash requirement of the company for doing the various exploration works…
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