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Coursework example - The Role of the Bahamas Development Bank in the Bahamian Economy

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Finance & Accounting
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Running Head: THE ROLE OF THE BAHAMAS DEVELOPMENT BANK IN THE BAHAMIAN ECONOMY The Role of the Bahamas Development Bank in the Bahamian Economy Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 22 January 2011 Outline Introduction State of the Bahamian economy Financial Assistance and criteria for consideration Role in Equipment Acquisition Fiscal Support Role in Tourism Mobilization of Capital Resources Mobilization of Capital Resources The Role of the Bahamas Development Bank in the Bahamian Economy Introduction The growth of the economy of Bahamas owes a lot from the role played by the nation’s financial institutions such as the Bahamas Development Bank…

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State of the Bahamian economy Before exploring the role played by the Bahamas Development Bank in the Bahamian economy, it is imperative to look at the state of the Bahamian economy: its strengths and weak points before addressing how the Bahamas Development Bank plays a role in addressing these weak points. Being among the best offshore global banking centers, Bahamas has come up with a non-simple banking structure that caters for the services of both domestic and foreign investors. Both the central bank of Bahamas and the Bahamian international banks and Trust have a complete list of about 272 financial institutions that are legally mandated to conduct business with the public (US Department of Commerce, 1992, p. 40). The states in the Caribbean went through several challenges in 2004. ...
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