E2F1 is crucial for E2F-dependent apoptosis.

E2F1 is crucial for E2F-dependent apoptosis. Coursework example
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E2F1 is crucial for E2F-dependent apoptosis Cell cycle regulates the cell proliferation and they must divide to enter the mitotic state. Before entering the mitotic phase, the cell must pass through a number of check points. Retinoblastoma protein (pRb) plays an important role in the epithelial cell differentiation and viability apart from this they also act as positive transcriptional co regulators.


These proteins have the ability to function at all parts of the cell. These genes also lead to the discovery of familial cancer syndromes. About 50 tumor suppressor genes were catalogued and pRb and p53 proteins were found to have preeminent importance in the human tumor pathogenesis. pRb is closely co ordinate with the cell cycle. pRb hyperphosphorylation occurs when the cells pass the M/G1 transition at the R point. pRb contains atleast 16 different sites for phosphorylation. Thus it proves that pRb is the molecular governor of the R point transition. After the findings that the DNA tumor-virus encoded oncoproteins can disrupt the regulation of cell growth, the importance of learning pRb became important. It was also found that 3 DNA tumor virus oncoproteins, though they are structurally unrelated, they targeted the pRb. pRb inactivation can be done in four pathways. Interaction with viral proteins, phosphorylation, gene mutation and caspase mediated deregulation. The binding of the onco proteins at the site of pRb also promote cellular proliferation. The cell cycle dependent transcription was associated with the co ordination of the pRb and the E2F as the central mechanism. The pRB which are also called as rocket proteins helps to silence the E2F regulated promoters. ...
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