Strategic Financial Management - Marks and Spencer

Strategic Financial Management - Marks and Spencer Essay example
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Strategic Financial Management - Marks and Spencer Marks and Spencer is a brand of retailer group in the United Kingdom leading among several companies. The company provides its customers with clothing and other home products that are superior in quality and provide high value for money to the customers.


The company focuses on maintaining its position in the industry and develops its business with increasing the revenue more than before (Financial Review, 2011). The human resources of the company are dedicated towards their performance and present innovative ideas to provide their customers with effective and efficient services and high quality of products. In the UK itself, around 78,000 employees are working for the company and the turnover rates of the company are also negligible (Our People, 2011). This report focuses on studying the strategic financial management of M&S that leads the company in its industry resulting in improved business outputs and financial results and a comparative study with Next Retail limited and Debenhams Plc. Stage One: a. ...
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