language as individual cognition: the role of input, interaction and output.

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The example provided shows how the class may have understood the distinction between words when the same word is used in different contexts, where it can have different meanings. Rod Ellis has defined the critical features of a task as given under: (a) A task is a work plan, (b)Primary focus of the task should be on meaning (c) Should involve use of language in real world processes (d) Use of any of the four language skills (e) Engaging cognitive processes with a clear communication outcome The objective of my classroom exercise was to provide students an opportunity to gain skills in interaction and conversational use of the language.


Thus, this example satisfies the critical features of a focus on meaning and the use of language in real world processes as laid out by Ellis. Moreover, the interactional process was based upon repetition, seeking clarification and recasting of the sentences in different ways so that all the students were able to understand the subject of the conversation and how they could help themselves in the second language of English if they needed to be sure they were understanding correctly during their normal conversational processes. According to the Gass (2008) model, the first stage of learning is the apperceived input, which is associated with prior knowledge in order to facilitate comprehension. ...
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