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Marketing Management Case Analysis Metabical Coursework example
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METABICAL: MARKETING PLAN Marketing Strategy Insert your Name [Insert your Company] Metabical: Strategy Plan This paper presents marketing and communication strategy for launching Metabical, a drug for weight-loss in the United States Market. The plan consists of a Situational Analysis in which the internal and external business environment is discussed in detail.


Prior to putting together the dynamics of the marketing plan, all the alternatives of positioning and setting up the USP of the brand will be discussed in detail and analyzed and the best alternative will be selected around which, the marketing plan will be created. The marketing plan would include the Marketing Objective, target market analysis and demand forecast, and the communication plan (the Marketing Mix: 4 P’s) will be set for Metabical. Keeping the external and internal factors in mind, a Contingency Plan will be set which will include all the possible hindrances and unforeseen events which the business could face. The end of the report will have control and procedures which will explain how the marketing activities will be monitored and measured. Situational Analysis Internal Analysis: Metabical has Food and Drug Administration’s approval as being an effective weight-loss drug amongst its competitors. It is claimed by the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Bernard Long that Metabical is a new and improved version of all the other drugs for weight-loss in the market with dramatically reduced side effects. ...
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