Analytical Comparison and Contrast

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The process of analyzing similarities and differences between two similar items unearth some hidden or unnoticed facts on the same. Besides, the foretold process between two similar items (say two Artworks) is difficult because it is a tiresome task.


Here, the artworks, ‘The Blue Boy’, an oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough, and ‘Pinkie’, a portrait by Thomas Lawrence, are made use to compare, under the subject: Two artists’ conceptions of a single theme. Thesis statement: Analysis of similarities and differences between two Artworks to attain an inference on the same by considering the artists, the viewers, and related facts in history or society (special references to the artworks: ‘The Blue Boy’ (portrait), by Thomas Gainsborough, and ‘Pinkie’ (portrait), by Thomas Lawrence). Analysis The analysis of the artworks ‘The Blue Boy’( See appendix -1) by Thomas Gainsborough, and ‘Pinkie’( See appendix -2) , by Thomas Lawrence is based on the following factors like the artists, assessment as a viewer, and other related facts in history or society, and strictly based on similarities and differences. I. Artists A. Similarities One can easily identify a number of similarities between Thomas Gainsborough and Thomas Lawrence. The following are some important similarities. First of all, the first names of the artists (Thomas Gainsborough and Thomas Lawrence) are similar. Besides, both the artists made use of the same medium to express their creativity (say, oil and canvas). Both the artists were British citizens, who primarily focused in portrait painting. Within their lifetime, they were considered as noteworthy portrait painters in Europe. ...
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