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Financial Plan Table of Contents Financial Plan 3 Introduction 3 Projected Sales, Expenditure and Capital Projection 3 Income Statement 5 Revenue Projection 7 Cash Flow Statement 7 Balance Sheet 8 Reference 10 Financial Plan


Primarily The Track Table will seek for the financial stability rather than profitability, and the major task in financial stability is to produce and sales products above the breakeven even points meeting its all expenses and financial duties. The projected financial statements for The Track Table include income statement, cash flow and balance sheet for the next two operating years. Projected Sales, Expenditure and Capital Projection For preparing three major financial statements i.e. Income statement, cash flow and balance sheet necessary areas like sales projection, estimated cost, required capital and other investments needed to be determined properly. The following table depicts estimated cost for capital investment required for manufacturing unit and office equipments. Capital Investment for manufacturing Unit and Office Software Development Cost $25,000.00 Computers and printer $1,250.00 Furniture and Fittings $1,000.00 Machineries in manufacturing plants $300,000.00 Other capital Expenditures $1,000.00 TOTAL Capital Expenditure $328,250.00 Major capital investment includes software development cost for tablet PC and other machineries like computer and tools. ...
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