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1) Communication is an extremely important part of any workplace and given the changing trends in male to female ratio in organizations it is important to note that problems may arise due to gender differences even within such formal structures. In order to assess the problems one needs to first look at the different gender characteristics attached to males and females.


These differences in a workplace may cause many problems as attitudes and perceptions shape they way even formal communication takes place. A male boss may be very blunt and direct in his speech which may at a certain point offend a female subordinate than it would a male in the same place. Males also tend to be more interruptive and biases like these may lead for them to pay more attention to the point being made by a male subordinate as opposed to a female. Also the level of trust and intimacy in terms of work relation would be stronger with a male than with a female. On the other hand if a female were to be the boss a male subordinate would most likely question her superiority by throwing questions at her to test her skills. A female boss that is more aggressive in speech is almost always thought to be displaying an otherwise male characteristic and hence given names by subordinates and used as code language among the peers to refer to the boss. A male boss being aggressive and even cursing subordinates on the other hand would be thought of as normal. Females may also not be taken as seriously as their male counterparts and thought to be emotional and weak in certain cases. ...
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