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Introduction to Human Resource Management By <Student Name> Edinburgh Napier University Abstract This report is in response to the request to outline a two-day training course for all new baristas from Cafe Company. The objectives of the training will be covered.


The emphasis is on improving performance and retention for the employee as well as improving the performance of the company according to the new vision statement of Nowhere else makes you feel this good. Cafe Company wants to regain market share and believes that the way to do that is to provide tools to the person who is in direct contact with the customer – the barista (Green and Duncan n.d.). The overall aim and learning objectives (Green and Duncan n.d.; Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright 2003) The barista will see clearly how significant their value is in creating the ultimate experience as a barista around the globe at Cafe Company (Oakland and Oakland 1998); Each new barista will adopt the vision statement that Cafe Company creates the best coffee experience in the world by stating, Nowhere else makes you feel this good; Each new barista will have the skills and the coffee know-how to do prepare basic coffees per customer request. The barista will adopt the skills as taught at the two-day session ensuring the barista will be able to provide the ultimate coffee experience for the customer; By providing the ultimate coffee experience for the customer, the barista will be capable of retaining the existing customers and win over new customers. How this training programme will improve the performance of the employees Mathis and Jackson (1991); Noe et al. ...
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