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Contents 2. Product Description 5 2.1 Product 5 2.2 Location 5 2.3 Marketing and Promotion 5 3. Financing 6 3.1 Payment 6 3.2 Costs 6 3.3 Additional Financing 6 4. Conclusion 7 5. Bibliography 8 The budget report for the company Sandlicious has been conducted by Oscar.


This report would cover the financial standing of the company, general information and projected earnings and spending in a twelve month period. The investors start-up capital would be ?60 000 which comes from their savings. 2. Product Description 2.1 Product Sandlicious would produce quality handmade sandwiches, which is mainly focused in this single product. The company wants to project an image that Sandlicious is a small local bakery that provides excellent service and quality food. It is a fast moving consumer food product. The ingredients of the product include meat, wheat and bread and can be considered as a substitute for lunch. It is very handy and can be quickly taken along by people who are on the go. The sandwich is fresh all the time and closing inventory would be kept low to minimize spoilage. The cost of producing each sandwich is estimated at ?3.05.Each sandwich would be sold at 5 GBP. 2.2 Location The bakery/shop will be located on Marylebone High Street in central London since this is a busy area. Many people live and work around this area; hence, the reason for choosing the location. Foot traffic is also high, which means a lot of people can easily drop by and buy a sandwich. Market research conducted revealed that there are very few bakeries around that area. Furthermore, Sandlicious is unique because the sandwich is handmade and has a competitive price. ...
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