Macbeth by Shakespeare. "Lady Macbeth is the real driving force behind the murder of Duncan".

Macbeth by Shakespeare. "Lady Macbeth is the real driving force behind the murder of Duncan". Coursework example
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Of all the tragedies of Shakespeare, Macbeth is famous for wildness, passion and rapid action. Unlike his other tragedies, Macbeth stands aloof in terms of absence of humour. There is no philosophic contemplation and reasoning. Shakespeare has followed no rules while drafting Macbeth…


His protagonist blindly follows his ideas while performing dreadful acts though often pricked by conscience, which he suppresses for his prudential and selfish reasons. The entire play is based on Macbeth ambitions and the path he adopts to achieve them. His ambitions define his character. In the beginning of tragedy, it appears unlikely for a character, like Macbeth to commit such a horrific acts as he appears as the bravest soldier and honourable Thane of Glavis. He holds the honour and nobility of value and appears to be fit for this .His character undergoes a drastic transformation after his encounter with the witches. It appears that they have rekindled his desires and ambitions. The three witches establish their malicious nature before meeting Macbeth and Banqau.For them “the fair is foul and the foul fair,”.They announce Macbeth “The Thane of Glavis”, “the Thane of Cowdor ‘and “the King here after”. Immediately after this encounter, the prophecy of the witches comes true and Macbeth is announced as the Thane of Cowdor, thereafter, he starts thinking being a king. His dilemma is whether to succumb to witches’ temptation or to wait for the right time or fate to decide. Banqao, who accompanies Macbeth, warns him that these spirits “might enkindle you to aim at the throne; Writer 2 but oftentimes these ministers of darkness tell us truths in little things, to betray us into deeds of greatest consequence”. ...
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