To assess the internal policies for conducting environmental audit

To assess the internal policies for conducting environmental audit Term Paper example
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Student’s Name- Rana Rashid Professor’s Name Subject November 04, 2011 Environmental Audit Environmental audit is environmental evaluation intended to identify various environmental problems and management system and to take corrective actions if there is any problems.


The audit may also cover potential improvements in environmental performance and systems” (Definition of Environmental Audit para. 1). Environmental auditing is systematic process conducted at regular interval by responsible authority in order to identify operations and practices related to meet environmental requirement. When conducting the environmental auditing, the firm should frame certain criteria for conducting the audit. Effective criteria would enable the firm to assess the performance of auditing entity. If these criteria are inappropriate it will bring certain problems in making the auditing. The framed criteria should be measurable, acceptable, and should be reliable. The organization should make good planning regarding the conduct of environmental audit. This planning would help the firm to know the required time to complete the auditing procedures and to identify potential problems in the audit etc. “For planning for successful audit assignments, the auditor needs to understand the auditees’ commitments in terms of financial norms, compliance requirements, and performance expectations. This would determine what procedure is to be followed” (Guidance on Conducting Environmental Audit 9). ...
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