Mental Health Needs Assessment for the Adult Population of Wandsworth.

Mental Health Needs Assessment for the Adult Population of Wandsworth. Coursework example
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The area of Wandsworth is located in south-west London. The town is located on The River Thames on the south bank. The river Wandle flows into the Thames and this is where Wandsworth received its name. It is also the principle settlement in The "London Borough of Wandsworth" (Medics on the Move)…


It borders the Bouroughs of Lambeth to the east, Merton and the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon the Thames and others. It is surrounded by very wealthy Boroughs.
The 2001 Census gave the population of Wandsworth as 260,000 with 78% of the population as White, 9.6% Afro-Caribbean and 6.9% as being South Asian. The list of 354 Districts of England showed that Wandsworth is ranked the largest by area and 24th by population. In population density it ranked 10th and by ethnic diversity it ranted 29th. Today, the projects for Wandsworth show that by the year 2018, there is projected to be 300,000 people in Wandsworth with slightly more women than men. The area is mostly comprised of younger people (47%) between the ages of 20 and 39 with the rest of the population being older (Greater London Authority).
NHS Wandsworth shows that in 2009, 290,000 people were living in the Borough. The largest age group is between 20 and 44 while other ages make up the rest of the population. The population is intended to rise in the next five years. Currently, the White race is 78% of the population with "non-whites" making up 22% of the population (includes Black, Asian and those who consider themselves as "other"). ...
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