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Paralegal Careers

Keywords: paralegal, legal assistant, legal profession, supervising attorney, cases, litigation Paralegal Careers A lawyer’s profession covers several responsibilities in order to successfully carry-out the cases being handled by them. In order to experience victory in a legal battle, it usually takes a rigorous work of research, interviews and gathering of evidence. The lawyer cannot do this work alone. To relieve the lawyers with burden, they need assistance from a paralegal or legal assistant. It is expected that the lawyers assume the major responsibility of legal work but they will need to delegate some of their tasks to paralegals or legal assistants. Thesis Statement: A lawyer’s success in a litigation case is dependent on good research work and investigative skills of a paralegal or a legal assistant. Nature of Work Paralegal are also known as legal assistants. They are almost like lawyer in the performance of their functions. The only difference is that paralegal cannot give a legal advice and represent clients in court during trial (Hatch and Zimmer Hatch, 2006). Most of the time, lawyers many of their tasks to paralegals. A paralegal continues to assume new responsibilities in legal offices and perform many of the same tasks as lawyers. ...
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PARALEGAL CAREERS [School] [Course/Number] November 24, 2015 [Instructor Name] Abstract This thesis paper shall discuss the importance of the paralegal and legal assistant profession to ease the workload of the lawyers. The key roles and responsibilities of a paralegal and a legal assistant shall become the vital part of this report…
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