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Network Security

Furthermore, the most significant advantage for a DMZ is that it protects the local area network domains by segregating the network layer (RE: [FW1] DMZ advantages). Likewise, the disadvantages associated with DMZ are not significant, but one issue can be highlighted, as the segregation may create a hassle for the network administration because DMZ requires frequent updates and maintenance. Moreover, the hardware cost is high and requires dedicated hardware in order to implement DMZ within the network. Deployment includes a switch, separate firewall and IDS etc. Intranet / Extranet The most significant advantage that is shared by both of these technologies is communication. However, intranet provides limited communication as compared to extranet, but it is still effective. In order to implement intranet, local area network and a host is required. The network must adhere to the requirements of the intranet application. Moreover, the application will be deployed on a separate workstation called as a host or server. The star topology is recommended for intranet-based networks as the network administrator can manage and administer intranet issues in a centralized environment. Furthermore, presence of intranet will enable new trends for communication. For example, paper less communication between employees, chatting, e-mails and blogs etc. disadvantage includes maintenance and security issues. ...
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Full Paper Title Name University The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) The demilitarized zone operates as a part of a firewall configuration in order to secure the local area networks. If a DMZ is configured on the whole network or on specific workstations, they are known to be in a DMZ…
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