logistic regression classifier for the churn Data

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Question 1: For the churn data the package used for analysis is SPSS because it is more versatile and conversant. The churn variable is considered as output, good/bad and the other variables are treated as independent. The independent variables are checking, duration, history, purpose, amount, savings, employed, install, marital, coapp, resident, property, age, other, housing, existcr, job, depends, telephon and foreign.


The programming code is as follows: LOGISTIC REGRESSION VARIABLES good_bad   /METHOD=ENTER checking duration history purpose amount savings employed installp marital coapp resident property age other housing     existcr job depends telephon foreign   /CONTRAST (purpose)=Indicator   /CLASSPLOT   /PRINT=CORR   /CRITERIA=PIN(0.05) POUT(0.10) ITERATE(20) CUT(0.5). Then the analysis is presented below: Case Processing Summary Unweighted Cases N Percent Selected Cases Included in Analysis 964 96.4 Missing Cases 36 3.6 Total 1000 100.0 Unselected Cases 0 .0 Total 1000 100.0 a. If weight is in effect, see classification table for the total number of cases. ...
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