Architecture, Design, and Public Space of Country Music Clubs across America

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Building of the Country Scene Introduction Country music is one of the most well – known genres of music and is heard throughout the country. It is currently recognized as the national genre of America because of its popularity. However, the particular genre relates directly to a specific identity and way of life.


The architecture of the country music clubs become a space that reflects the identity of those interested in the music as well as the depiction which is related to the concepts portrayed in the music. When examining the history, relevance to social identity and the fabrication of country music, it can be seen that the architecture and ideology of the genre is a direct reflection of the identity of what is now known as the country scene. History of Country Music The beginning of country music was first seen in the Deep South and was associated with the Southern culture, specifically among slaves. This derived from the folk songs which many slaves sang while on the plantations, specifically which were used with the understanding that one could overcome the difficult times and problems which persisted in the situation which most were in. The slave songs which were created led to the blues and jazz music, pieces of music which were known specifically among the African – American population and which were based on the hardships of living in the south. Country music was a spin – off of the blues, specifically which came from the musical techniques that were used and the arrangements of the songs. ...
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