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Stainless steel powder metrology

PROCEDURE The mixtures underwent a complete procedure to obtain the results and compare them according to different standards. The procedure of the experiment is explained in detail in this part of the report. Preparation of the Mixture The powder mixture, each specimen separately, is weighed and the weight recorded. The process is initiated after the weighing. The powder is properly mixed using tubes and revolving machine. In these experiments, two different mixtures, ferrous 316L with 1 gram silicon and the same mixture with the addition of 1gm boron is used. The mixtures were then sintered and quenched under different temperature conditions. The sintering has to be discussed briefly to be understood. Sintering and Quenching The specimens prepared are pressurized at 700 MPa and made into round discs as shown in the picture below. . The specimen is heated inside a closed container, to different temperature. As recorded before, there are in total 13 specimens which are used in the experiment. Each specimen is labeled properly before any kind of experiment us conducted on it. The two mixtures samples of “A” and “B” are heated at 1220, 1230, 1235, 1240, 1280, and 1295o C respectively. Each sample was then sectioned, mounted and polished for microscopical examination. ...
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<Stainless steel powder metrology> <Name and Section # of course> <Instructor Name> <Date> Two mixtures of powder are used to form stainless steel alloys. Mixture one, which will be termed as “A” is 99 grams 316L 1gram of Si and the second mixture, which is termed as “B” is 95 grams of 316L, 1 gram of Si and 4 grams of Boron G683…
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