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[Type the company name] NAME OF THE CHAIN i.e. The UK Based Supermarket Expansion into Diverse business Environment [Pick the date] The Business Sector And The Retail Market: A business has to explore options before it expands itself across borders. The nature of this exploration can depend on the type of similarities between business activities of the business and the type of business environment the business wants to expand in.


The retailing sector of the business is the most developing sector these days with all of the technology converged at it to extract most out of this business sector. With the highest amount of returns and compensating to major portions of countries globally retailing has laid its root deep into the business world. Now considering the facts that retailing is also divided into various sectors which cater to different needs ranging from daily household items to luxury products, from products for the masses to products tailored to match to the needs of few. Food Retailing Business & Supermarkets: Food retailing is major share holder in the retailing sector. Traditionally if we analyze the food sector retailing majority of the sales were made by supermarkets. But there has been a shift in trend which has put the traditional supermarkets down to just a 61% share holder in food retailing and now 39% of the sales are made newer formats of stores now opening which include supercenters, warehouse clubs, convenience stores etc. ...
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